Trio on Trial for murder of Monymusk man

Craig Grant
Craig Grant

Three men appeared in court today (Wednesday) charged with the murder of a Donside man, hours after he returned home from working offshore.

Kiel Hauley (33), Jonas Marcius (23) and Adrian Morley (33) deny assaulting and murdering Craig Grant, of Monymusk, outside the Galleria shopping centre in Aberdeen between August 8 and 9 last year by forcing him to the ground, striking him on the head and body, placing him in a hold and compressing his neck.

The trio, all bouncers,are also alleged to have knelt on Mr Grant’s back and compressed his chest before taking him by the legs and holding him down on the ground.

They are further alleged to have restricted breathing and asphyxiated him..

Aberdeen High Court heard that the deceased had been “heavily drunk.”

Witness Shaun Wheeldon told the court that he and an Irish friend, Declan Cullen, had been drinking in Prohibition bar when Mr Grant had began acting aggressively toward them following a minor altercation outside earlier in the night.

Mr Wheeldon said that Mr Grant, had been trying to pick fights with Mr Cullen after seeing him flex his muscles outside Prohibition, and became “abusive” to the Irishman.

Some female friends led Mr Grant away to Paramount bar, where Messrs Wheeldon and Cullen headed next.

The witness then told the court that Mr Grant began backing into Mr Cullen at the bar after hearing the Irishman’s voice and recognising it.

Mr Wheeldon said he and Mr Cullen then went outside and Mr Grant, who followed, was “wanting confrontation by his attitude and language.”

After being refused re-entry to Paramount Mr Grant made his way toward Tonik, Mr Wheeldon said.

About 30 minutes later, he could see two men restraining Mr Grant on the ground outside Tonik and stopped to speak to a bouncer.

Mr Wheeldon added: “He just said he had been in the club and he was highly drunk.”

The witness said there was “quite a commotion” outside the bar with a lot of people standing outside. Advocate depute James Keegan QC asked: “How did you react when you saw his face?”

Mr Wheeldon replied: “I was shocked at the colour of him. He was light grey.”

Mr Keegan asked: “When you saw the colour of him what did you think?”

Mr Wheeldon: “That he was in a bad way.”

The court heard police had been called and, arriving five minutes or so prior to an ambulance, a police woman tried to handcuff Mr Grant.

Officers then sat him up “like a teddy bear”.

When asked by Mr Keegan why he used that analogy, Mr Wheeldon replied: “He was limp.”

Asked him what position his head was like, Mr Wheeldon replied: “It was just hanging on his chest.”

He said Mr Grant’s friends were trying to intervene when police arrived at the scene because he had become unresponsive on the pavement.

The trial continues.