Vandals target Banchory golf course

Director of golf Dean Vannet with a damaged flag
Director of golf Dean Vannet with a damaged flag

Banchory Golf Club’s start to the new season has been tarnished by a spate of vandalism.

Pins have been snapped, flags pulled out, including one set alight, course signage removed and scattered around the course, and bunker rakes broken and used to damage one of the greens.

Broken rakes and a cup from one of the holes

Broken rakes and a cup from one of the holes

A memorial bench near the clubhouse was overturned leaving one of the legs chipped.

On one evening last week, youngsters were caught on camera trying to break into an empty hut - used as a half-way house for golfers during events.

The incidents so early in the season have left club officials and members concerned worse may follow.

Police Scotland have confirmed inquiries are continuing into the vandalism

Groups of teenagers regularly cross the course to reach a riverside gathering point.

Director of golf Dean Vannet told the Piper: “The fact that they go down by the river is one thing, but the fact that the golf club then inherits damage and wanton vandalism is extremely concerning and costly.

“We have to replace flags that get burnt, pins that get broken and a flag and a pin is £50.

“It’s just the start of the golf season and we don’t have any spare pins left and we have to replace those.

“If this is indicative of what’s going to happen throughout the rest of the summer, if we get a good summer with seven weeks of kids’ holidays, then we have got worse to expect, unfortunately, so it’s a bit concerning.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Police have received a number of reports of vandalism at Banchory Golf Club since April 5. “Inquiries are ongoing and police are following a positive line of inquiry.

“Anyone with information can contact police on 101.”