Crocodile and tiger found safe and well

Reunited after a short but prolific Facebook investigation
Reunited after a short but prolific Facebook investigation

A missing cuddly crocodile and toy tiger have been reunited with their young owner after a short but prolific Facebook investigation.

Tom Mottershead had taken his family to Banchory Park last Wednesday, where three-year-old Emilia, accompanied by the cuddly toys she’d had since she was one, Croccy and Tiger, befriended a little girl believed to be called Lacey.

Tom said: “They played for a while, and I noticed Lacey had a toy pram, and I had seen Emilia pushing it. Then it was time for us to leave and go and get ice cream from Codona’s.

“Then we were playing on the penny falls and I noticed that Emilia didn’t have Croccy or Tiger.”

Tom said he would try and find them, and figured that Emilia must have left the cuddly toys in the toy pram, but Lacey and her family had already left the park.

When the Mottershead family got home, Tom went to Facebook.

He posted on one of the Deeside Buy, Swap and Sell pages a summary of the incident with a plea for help, concluding: “Now I have a very distraught little girl.”

Within five hours and 40 comments, it transpired that Lacey’s name was actually Lucy, and that the cuddly toys had indeed been left in the pram, and Emilia was reunited with Croccy and Tiger shortly after.

In Tom’s final comment on the Facebook thread, he wrote: “I will have a word with my girls tomorrow about listening properly when someone is telling them their name!”