Culter man commemorates WW1 centenary with book

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A weel-kent Deeside man, whose name has become almost synonymous with events in the village of Peterculter, has produced a commemorative book to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of World War 1.

Callum Stuart, a former pupil at Culter School now resident in Maryculter, has never forgotten his home community and has thrown his energy and hours of his spare time over the years into innumerable community events.

Now the Secretary of St Peter’s Heritage Trust, Callum works fulltime as a teacher of Drama in Aberdeen schools yet still finds time to lend his performance talents to various events around Culter, not only at the Heritage but also annually acting as MC at Culter Gala Day. Nor, despite his professional training as an actor and drama teacher, does he forget his love for the Doric - in fact his use of it when fronting events has probably done as much as any other local performer’s to keep the native tongue alive.

Now Callum has edited together memorabilia he has received and researched over the years to produce a War Memorial book, with a nice touch being his intent to have only 68 copies printed - one to commemorate each soldier named on Culter’s War Memorial. He told the Piper: “ This is a full colour A4 book of around 200 pages! Do you think this is something that people would want to buy? I am hoping that any profit from this first edition sale would allow further research into the soldiers. I could then publish a more complete edition towards the end of the war commemoration period. Some descendents have come forward with information and memorabilia and I hope we can continue to build on this during the commemmoration period up to 2018.”

No doubt Culter folk, knowing Callum Stuart’s energy and commitment, will be queuing up to buy the 68 copies of his book - and hoping that it will indeed just be a fore-runner to the “complete edition.”