Cyprus stray re-homed in Deeside

Abandoned: Foxy George with his "pet passport" ready to leave Cyprus for Banchory.
Abandoned: Foxy George with his "pet passport" ready to leave Cyprus for Banchory.

A stray dog rescued from “appalling” conditions in Cyprus is to start a new life in Banchory.

The happy pup, named “Foxy George” is setting up home with another rescued Cypriot dog - Beano - after a Banchory mum went to visit her son on the island.

Sue Hennesy adopted the strays and Beano will be remembered by Deeside dog lovers after winning ‘Top Dog’ in last year’s Banchory show.

Sian Hennesy lives on the island and has an impressive collection of strays of her own, having collected seven cats and a dog from the streets.

She said: “My mum visited Cyprus two weeks ago, and fell in love with another homeless little guy, who will now be making his way to Banchory. We don’t know very much about his history, just that he has been in and out of shelters during his short life, and is very timid. His name is Foxy George, and will be so happy living in Banchory with Beano!”

She added: “ He was in a shelter called Paphiakos where hundreds of dogs, large and small, are kept together at one time. Foxy George was cowering in the corner and not eating, so a friend of mine decided to take him out and foster him until he found a home.”

“He was taken to the vet and found to have a platelet count of 31, a normal count is anywhere between 200 and 460. The vet thought there was a good chance of deliberate rat poisoning - unfortunately very common in Cyprus to keep the cats and dogs off the street”.

Sian also recently rescued another dog in Cyprus who had been locked in an abandoned building and left to die by his owners.

She heard of the animal’s plight and found the Cyprus Poodle Terrier named Mini, a home in Aberdeen with new owners Christine and Tony Adkins.

Sian said: “She is so happy in her new home in Aberdeen now! She has a garden to play in, no threat of being poisoned by Cypriots, and will never go hungry again.”

Sian said the conditions for strays on the Island were “appalling”: “Stray dogs on the streets live in appalling conditions. I can’t even begin to explain the extent of animal cruelty out here, and people are quick to judge as to why we re-home animals from Cyprus when there are plenty of rescue centres in the UK. If they could see what these so called ‘rescue centres’ are in Cyprus, they would be quick to change their mind. Once in a shelter, more often than not, if the animal hasn’t died of a disease then it will be killed...and very rarely humanly. Rescue Centres in the UK provide safety, food and shelter; not in Cyprus!”

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