Dee river trust to flex its “mussels”

Dee Trust's Ken Reid with Glasgow Angling Centre's Paul Devlin
Dee Trust's Ken Reid with Glasgow Angling Centre's Paul Devlin

The Dee Trust is set to flex its “mussels” by re-introducing the species to the river.

The Trust has launched a project to restore the Freshwater Pearl Mussel population in the Dee and re-establish Scotland as a stronghold for the species.

It is hoped that the re-introduction will also protect Atlantic Salmon numbers and improve water quality in the river.

River Dee Trust’s Fisheries Development Officer Ken Reid said funding the project had been an issue: “One of the main drivers to help reach our river restoration objectives is fundraising. Through every pound raised we can secure match funding for enhanced values which allow us to create ambitious work programmes.”

Glasgow Angling Centre’s Managing Director, Paul Devlin, supported the campaign with a donation of £1000.

“This is what struck the cord with Glasgow Angling Centre as we firmly believe that in order to allow future generations to enjoy fishing, we need to take responsibility for it’s future,” Mr Reid added.

It comes as part of a major European conservation project to safeguard the mussel which has suffered at the hands of pearl fishers for centuries.

The official launch of the project was held at Potarch and the project will run for four years until September 2016.