Deeside and Donside well remembered ‘Down Under’

The districts of Deeside and Donside are amongst the most historically rich and visually representative of what Scotland means to her natives.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that throughout the world - with the expansion and reign of the former British Empire - the towns and place names of the two Aberdeenshire districts often pop up on street signs.

We asked for readers, home and away, to let us know where Deeside and Donside were represented abroad.

Banchoy Academy expat, Elaina Mullery, told us of a residential Deeside Road near where she lives in Perth, Australia.

Chris Bruce, a Torphins lad now working in Adelaide, brought a number of South Australian street names to our attention.

There’s an Aboyne Road in Lower Mitcham, a Braemar Terrace in Stirling, Ballater Avenue in Campbelltown, Alford Road in Hectorville, Strachan Lane in Paradise and Kintore Avenue in Adelaide.

Mr Middleton, a Banchory resident brought up in Lumphanan, found a street bearing his hometown’s name in Brisbane.

The Australian connection to our corner of Scotland doesn’t stop there with a vast rural territory in the south of the country also called Deeside.

Colonial expansion into Australasia happened mainly under the reign of Queen Victoria.

Her well known and publicised love for Deeside could explain the region’s popularity across the former colony.