Deeside animal centre to the rescue for Dyce spider

Black widdow spider
Black widdow spider
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Workers at a Dyce business were in for a shock as they started their shifts with the discovery of a poisonous black widow spider.

Scottish SPCA workers from the Drumoak centre rescued the Latrodectus found in Aberdeen.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity was contacted by shocked employees at a company based at Kirkhill Industrial Estate in Dyce, who discovered the creature inside a shipment from America on Tuesday (14 May).

Nick Martin, who has an exotic animal rescue charity in Inverness and a Dangerous Wild Animals Licence, has offered the spider a new home.

Drumoak based animal rescue officer Karen Hogg said: “After some quick research, the people who found this spider were pretty certain it was a black widow.”

They’re very distinctive spiders due to the bright red hourglass shape on their bodies.

It is certainly a case of ‘female deadlier than the male’ in this species as the female’s venom is at least three times more potent than that of the males.

Karen added: “The callers waited until I arrived rather than attempting to catch it themselves, which was very wise as black widows are highly venomous.

“A bite would leave you feeling very unwell and, if suffering from an underlying medical condition, it could even prove fatal.

“We are delighted that this spider has been offered a new home by Nick, as we know he has all the experience and expertise to be able to provide it with proper care and a suitable environment.”

Anyone who discovers an exotic creature should call the Scottish SPCA Animal Helpline on: 03000 999 999.