Deeside Donside Bowls Pairs Championship

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Ballater Bowling Club were victors in both the Men’s and Ladies’ Deeside Pairs competitions which finished on Sunday 27th July.

The tournament, which involves clubs from the Dee Don Lawn Bowls Association, was held in glorious weather at Kincardine O’Neil between Monday and

Winner of the Men’s competition were Ian Mitchell and Ed Bloor (skip) and the winners of the Ladies’ competition were Davina Russell and Pat Downie (skip).


Semi-finals (Friday 25th July)

Men: Ballater (I. Mitchell, E. Bloor) 29, R. Obree, D. Runham) 17

Aboyne (A. Anderson, E. Anderson) 22, Kincardine O’Neil (E. Hay, K. Leslie) 6

Ladies: Ballater (D, Russell, P. Downie) 12, Alford (A. McIntosh, M. West) 11;

Drumoak (A. Melvin, E. Thomson) 21, Kincardine O’Neil (M. Kellas, M. Coutts) 17

Finals (Sunday July 27)

Men: Ballater 13, Aboyne 11; Ladies: Ballater 19, Drumoak 12

The Deeside Donside Champion of Champion Singles Competitions, which involves players form the same clubs will be held at Kincardine O’Neil in the week starting Monday 11th August

Also at the prize-winning ceremony cups and flags were presented to the winners of this year’s league competitions. Winners of the Men’s competition were Kincardine ‘O’Neil and the winners of the Ladies’ Competition were Aboyne.

117 of Scotland’s bowling clubs are capitalising on the heightened interest in the sport created by the Glasgow Commonwealth Games by taking part in the Try Bowls campaign starting this month.

Organised by Bowls Scotland to get more people playing Scotland’s most successful Commonwealth Games sport, by offering participants of all ages the opportunity to play at a local club, Try Bowls officially launches on Sunday 27th July 2014.

“The Glasgow 2014 Games is providing our sport and clubs with a unique platform to raise the profile of the game” said Bowls Scotland Development Manager, Colin Hutchison.

“We believe that the Games will showcase the broad appeal of bowls to people of all ages and will encourage the general public to visit their local club to Try Bowls.

“It gives us great encouragement that over one hundred clubs nationally have committed to this campaign and are looking forward to beginners visiting their club.

“Try Bowls is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to play bowls to visit their local club and experience the sport. You can attend individually or with friends, family, colleagues or neighbours.”

Bowls Scotland is leading the Try Bowls initiative by helping clubs spread the word in their communities, providing posters for clubs to advertise locally, and creating a website to help people easily locate their local participating club.

For all information relating to clubs taking part in Try Bowls visit: