Deeside man to make African charity drive

Mark Mathews, centre, and UK Shine Africa representative Glynn Jones, right, in Banjul
Mark Mathews, centre, and UK Shine Africa representative Glynn Jones, right, in Banjul

A man from Deeside is preparing to make a massive journey to an African country to buy facilities for schools, and is appealing for donations.

Charlie Denny, who has lived in Braemar for “at least 20 years”, will be driving to Gambia for charity.

Mr Denny works for Aberdeenshire Council public transport as a minibus driver, based in Scolty Centre in Banchory, and is hoping to raise enough money to purchase school and medical tools for facilities on the north bank of the River Gambra.

Mr Denny said: “We intend to deliver school, medical and solar energy equipment to the maternity clinic in Banjul and Saba school.”

He is making the drive, which is expected to take 10 days to travel from northern Spain (they will first drive to Portsmouth and get a ferry to Bilbao) to Banjul, for the Shine Africa charity.

Joining him on the trek will be friend Mark Matthews, who joined Mr Denny when he made a similar journey in 2012. Mr Denny also drove to Africa for charity in 2014. This year’s will begin March 25.

He added: “My passion is to travel, and I like to combine that with helping the charity.”

Shine Africa is based in the west Midlands and they help support four nursery schools and a maternity clinic in and around Banjul.

Talking about the route they will take, Mr Denny told the Piper: “We will be travelling down through Morocco, western Sahara, crossing a minefield into Mauritania, then on into Senegal and finally arriving in Gambia.

“We are looking for help to pay for at least one solar energy kit and also for any spare clothes for newborns right up to around nine or 10 year olds.”

Donations can be made on the website: The School Run.