Deeside pupils cross Scotland for the troops

School pupils from Deeside have arrived home after a gruelling week-long expedition across Scotland to raise funds for wounded servicemen.

The Banchory Academy youngsters took to foot, bike and cannoe to cross the 325 kilometres of terrain for the Aboyne-based Horseback UK charity.

Four members of the Banchory Academy staff and four members of the charity team accompanied the students as they had to contend with severe weather, including snow storms on the higher ground, on the trek between May 18 and 25.

Among the team with them were two double amputees. Paul Burns and Scott Meenagh, both from 2 Para, lost their legs in Northern Ireland and Afghanistan respectively.

Scott said of the pupils: “These kids restore my faith in the next generation. They never give up. The first day, they did a big walk, the kind of thing I’ve seen professional soldiers, hard men in the army, whinge about. I was waiting for them to come round the corner, moaning and complaining, and they came into sight, and they were singing.”