Deesiders welcome visit from Daoist Tai Chi priest

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A Daoist priest and Tai Chi master has taken in the sights of Deeside as part of a cultural exchange to Banchory and Stonehaven.

Chen Lisheng, who is a 15th generation Wudang gongfu master, made the trip to Banchory at the end of August.

His visit was hosted by Jane Innes, principal instructor of Tai Chi Aberdeenshire.

Jane Innes has practised Tai Chi and Chi Gong for 17 years and has been teaching since 2005.

She makes regular visits to China where she has been studying Wudang Taiji Quan and Daoist health cultivation with Master Chen Lisheng since 2009.

Chen Lisheng is a highly regarded teacher of Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Gong.

The visit was a wonderful opportunity to meet Sifu Chen and practice Wudang Five Animal Chi Gong. This is a series of five short routines, each routine broken down into simple movements and students can easily obtain the basic outline in a few sessions.

Jane Innes said: “Chen Lisheng’s visit has been a golden opportunity to learn more about Daoist health practices through exercise and meditation.”