Demands for dog bin

Calls are being made for a dog bin to be located in Banchory’s Tillybrake Gardens following complaints of continued dog fouling.

Pensioner Grace Joynt said this issue had been a problem for a few years.

“There is a path way from Raemoir Road to Tillybrake Gardens and people use it as a short cut and there are people walking through there with dogs regularly.

“The gardeners we pay to do our gardens have stopped cutting the grass and refuse to do it because of the dog fouling.

“I’ve gone and cleaned it up myself. Every two weeks the gardeners come and I’ll have to go out and clean it up again before they come. I don’t particularly like cleaning up after somebody else’s dog.

“I think people think it’s rough ground and if one dog’s done something, they add to it.”

Mrs Joynt said the dog warden had visited the site previously and small signs had been erected asking people to clean up after their dogs.

“This hasn’t made any difference,” said Mrs Joynt, 70. “What I have asked for is for a bin to be put halfway up that footpath, but they say it’s too close to property.

“I think that’s rubbish really because I’ve been round Banchory and they are sited in the same places as ours would be.

“There are no dogs in Tillybrake Gardens and these must be big dogs because they are big messes - it’s not nice.”

She said residents were now being extra vigilant and those responsible would be reported to the council.

Mrs Joynt raised the issue with councillor Linda Clark (Banchory and Mid Deeside), who said: “I have spoken to our (council) officers to see about getting a dog bin positioned there and I will keep pushing for that.

“We do have legislation and people can be fined, but we never seem to get them.

“At least if we can get a dog bin, I think that we can help.

“Once again I would appeal to people to please stop letting their dogs foul - it’s horrible.

“I know that there will be dogs that are out on their own there but there are other people allowing this to happen as well.

“We’ve got to commend the people that are doing the right thing but we must be having some people indiscriminately allowing it to happen.

“There are children in that area, it’s upsetting for the residents and I feel for them.”