Discussions held over ‘lunar’ car park potholes

Repair work on an Upper Deeside car park was discussed by local officials this week.

Council officials, local councillors and Dinnet estate members met on site to discuss work to the much used car park at Dinnet.

Traditionally the car park is used by village hall users and by walkers using the many footpaths in the area - which are heavily promoted by the

Cairngorms National Park Authority.

At weekends the car park is usually full to capacity.

Aboyne, Upper Deeside and Donside Councillor Geva Blackett compared some of the potholes to the “surface of the moon”: “I was asked by a local resident to look at getting repairs done as the huge potholes resemble the surface of the moon and of course are potentially very damaging to cars. We agreed the Council willdraw up specifications and other agencies like the CNPA will be involved.

“Today has seen a first step towards providing a car park worthy of hall users and visitors alike and I will be working hard to ensure delivery as

soon as possible”