Donside based MSP demands ‘vow’ honoured


Following the referendum result Donside based MSP Christian Allard is urging the Westminster parties to honour their ‘vow’ of further powers for Scotland.

55 per cent of Scots voted No to independence after the Westminster parties promised more powers for the Scottish Parliament. Mr Allard insisted that as a representative of both Yes and No voters in his North East region he will work to make sure that the 3 Westminster parties honour their pledge.

Just days before the referendum the Prime Minister and the other Westminster leaders made what was described as a ‘vow’ to the people of Scotland on more powers – and that pledge included a commitment to maintain Scotland’s funding.

However, The Times newspaper last week (Tuesday 23) reported that David Cameron is set to cut Scotland’s public funding.

Mr Allard said: “The parliamentary motion at Westminster on further devolution to Scotland does not repeat the guarantee to Scotland’s budget mentioned in the ‘vow’ issued by the Westminster leaders and the Times reports that David Cameron is preparing to slash Scottish funding.

“A central part of the Better Together campaign was the argument that Scotland was financially better off in the union because the Barnett formula meant higher public spending and any change to Barnett would be a complete betrayal of the people of the North East who voted No in the belief they were financially better off in the union.

“Scotland will move forward united but we will hold Westminster to account on the promises they made to the people of Scotland on delivering more powers and maintaining funding levels.”

Mr Allard also paid tribute to those involved in “the greatest debate in Scotland’s history” following the referendum.

Mr Allard added: “The referendum has brought a new confidence and a flowering of democracy here in Scotland.”

Parties that backed Scottish independence - the SNP, the Scottish Greens and SSP - have seen membership rise greatly, with the SNP now the third largest party in the UK.