Drum Tower restoration project update

Photograph of Castle and grounds in the evening light
Photograph of Castle and grounds in the evening light

An information event giving the public more detail about an ambitious repair programme planned at Drum Castle is being held on Wednesday (November 7) at the historic castle.

The medieval tower at the Drumoak property will undergo a major programme of repairs in 2013 to repair structural problems and remove and replace the tower’s mortar.

At the event which begins at 6.30pm, project leader Ian Davidson and property manager Alison Burke will be on hand to explain why the work is being undertaken, the impact it will have on Drum Castle throughout 2013 and on the tower in the long term.

Project Manager Ian Davidson said: “Drum tower is one of Scotland’s remaining intact medieval towers, dating from the 13th century. It has withstood a great deal over the centuries, but now is in need of some conservation work. Water has been getting into the tower and causing some structural problems that we really need to take care of to ensure that it stays strong for future generations.”

Property Manager Alison Burke said: “Take this chance to come along and hear more about the vital conservation work we are undertaking to get the tower back to its best.”

The event is free but email drum@nts.org.uk to confirm attendance.