Dual development hopes for centre

Banchory Business Centre
Banchory Business Centre

Banchory Business Park could be set to expand after two new applications were submitted to Aberdeenshire Council.

North Banchory Company have lodged plans for a new car wash facility and micro-distillery at the centre.

If approved by the council, the two developments would provide jobs for six people when up and running, four at the distillery and two at the car wash,

Deeside-based specialist company Ultra Clean, run by Banchory man Peter Gribble, has been named as the operator of the car wash with the micro-distilery’s operator still unnamed.

It is hoped that work can start towards the end of September and take around 16 weeks to complete the car wash facility.

The applicants would want to see the distillery built and producing its first drams by February 2014.

An environmental boost will also be in store as heat for both sites will be provided for the facility from the adjacent Biomass Energy Centre, operated by HOBESCO on the Hill of Banchory.

The process from distillation to bottling will be housed within the 220m2 purpose-built facility on the site.

Alexander Burnett, chairman of the North Banchory Company, welcomed the possible developments.

Regarding the car wash development he said: ““We are very pleased to be able to support Peter Gribble.

‘‘He is a Banchory man, who has built up Ultra Clean over the last 12 years.

He pointed to his personal connection with Mr Gribble, adding: “As someone who has used Ultra Clean personally over the last few years, I have been thoroughly impressed by his service, and am sure this new facility will provide the opportunity to grow his business.”

He said he was also “pleased” to welcome the possible addition of the distillery to the business park.

He added: “The provision of heat from the biomass energy centre was a key driver.

‘‘ It is encouraging to see the recent growth in the distilling industry throughout Scotland, and we hope Banchory will soon be toasting another Scottish success.

‘‘After several years of the economic downturn, for some months now we have been receiving renewed interest in our commercial sites.”