Durris diver shows off his work on TV

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Durris scuba diver Gary Petrie surfaced on television recently, featuring on the BBC programme Landward.

Gary was showing off some of the work he does with the wreck diving crew, the “Stonehaven Snorkeller’s”.

The Durris man, who lives with his wife Lynn and two children Jamie and Katie, qualified to dive while in Australia back in 2003.

Gary returned to the UK in 2004 after several years working abroad in the oil industry and started diving every weekend with men from a local diving shop.

Gary then began to take diving more seriously: “In the last few years I have moved from recreational diving, which is down to 30m using normal scuba kit and a single tank of air, to technical diving which means you can dive for much longer using small amounts of gas and therefore adds a large safety factor.”

The “Stonehaven Snorkeller’s” dive on the many WW1 and WW2 war losses that can be found off the local coast around Inverbervie, Gourdon and Stonehaven on wreck researcher and author Rod McDonald’s boat, the Stonehaven Diver.

Gary said: “The wrecks are often around 60m deep and we can dive down to them, explore for around 25 minutes then begin the slow process of returning to the surface which can take around 45 minutes.

“This has to be done slowly as we have to allow gas in our tissues to slowly be released from our bodies via our lungs, otherwise we can suffer from “the bends”.”

The Landward programme which features Gary can be found on the BBC iPlayer and more information about the Snorkeller’s can be found at www.rod-macdonald.co.uk