Eagles tribute at Barn

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The influence of American popular music on the rest of the world is undeniable, and yet itself has developed from musical forms from Europe and Africa.

Many early popular songs came from traditional Scottish melodies with lyrics changed to suite the anti-colonial times, but over the years the influence has reversed.

The Eagles are arguably one of the greatest bands to come out of the west coast of America, establishing their worldwide popularity throughout the 1970s.

Their last studio album, ʻLong Road Out of Edenʼ, is faithfully reproduced by Hotel California - the top tribute band - now back in Scotland after a successful worldwide tour.

Fans of The Eagles will not be disappointed by the new show, which includes some songs from the solo careers of Don Henley and Joe Walsh.

The next best thing to the Eagles live is Hotel California at Woodend Barn at 8pm on Friday, May 6.

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