Easter facts....and fiction

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In the UK, children receive on average 8.8 chocolate Easter eggs every year.

More than half of children (58%) consider chocolate eggs the most important part of Easter.

38% of kids are unaware of the traditional reason for eating eggs at Easter.

43% of kids eat their first chocolate egg before Easter Sunday.

The average time for children to start tucking into their first chocolate Easter egg is 11am on Easter Sunday, with 30% of children eating their chocolate egg instead of breakfast.

One in five children (19%) have made themselves ill because they have eaten too much chocolate during the holidays.

Children eat on average 1.5 real eggs between Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Decorating eggs is a popular activity at Easter. More than half (56%) of parents get their children to paint eggs.

Despite the fact that most of us associate Easter with chocolate eggs, it is actually hens’ eggs that are the traditional food of Easter Sunday.