Another successful year

Pictured is Elizabeth Stewart and Kate Stewart enjoying the gloopy "duck pond".
Pictured is Elizabeth Stewart and Kate Stewart enjoying the gloopy "duck pond".

Torphins Playgroup is delighted yet again with the community’s support in helping it create another healthy fund, evidence of everybody’s hard work through another successful year of fundraising.

Without being able to mention everyone’s contribution but to give everyone an idea, thanks were expressed to Mid Deeside Church for £800, Run Balmoral for £250 and the Coop for £200.

Thanks were also extended to companies near and far who helped in various ways including providing exciting raffle prizes for the February ceilidh.

A stall laden with homemade goodies at Platform 22’s Christmas Market made a warming £445.

The hosting of the Easter Egg Hunt on PGs behalf raised an eggselent £62, and the plea for bottles to create a milk-bottle igloo for the children, resulted in an avalanche of containers being taken to the playgroup!

With some of the older children moving on to the next stage of their learning after the summer holidays, they leave some much anticipated spaces for the next group of 2-4 year old children.

There is an opportunity for prospective children to see what it’s all about during The Ha’Berrys Messy play sessions every Tuesday afternoon throughout May.

An exciting opportunity has also come up for a member of staff to join the team, so everyone invested in the future of The Ha’Berry welcomes hearing from interested parties on (013398) 882978.#

Alternatively, you can send your as the playgroup continues itswonderful work.