Experts give a glowing review to Camphill


A lower Deeside school for children with special learning needs has a received a glowing report from an expert review panel .

The panel assessed the school for the internationally recognised Autism Accreditation.

Camphill School Aberdeen in Milltimber also received a 100% satisfaction rating from parents as part of the re-assessment, with more than 68% saying they were “very happy” with the school.

Examining the school’s specialist services for pupils with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, the review panel found the school achieved 96% in its observation scores, exceeding the standard in 18% of the observations.

Referring to these results, the review team added: “The overall feeling of the review team is that Camphill deserves recognition for going above and beyond in their care for pupils with autism.’’

Janine Hunt, National Director of the National Autistic Society (NAS) Scotland said: “The Society welcomes news of the high quality standards achieved by Camphill. Autism is a lifelong disability that can be expressed in a variety of complex ways. At its heart, Autism Accreditation ensures that rigorous standards of quality are met by professionals who support children and adults with autism.”