‘London’s calling to the faraway towns’

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A Deeside teacher has had a slightly different type of meeting than usual recently as he made a trip down to Downing Street to attend a reception with the Prime Minister.

Aboyne Academy’s Stewart Whyte made the visit to Number 10 for the reception of the senior members of the Scottish Conservative Party.

Mr Whyte, who has taught history at the school for 14 years, said: “As a historian and a politician there is little that can top a visit to Downing Street. It was a genuine thrill to walk through the iconic door and to see around Number 10.

“It was personal moment of pride for me and my family.”


Mr Whyte, a Westhill resident, is the party’s North convener and one of the nine members of the management board that runs the Scottish Conservatives.

A particular highlight, Mr Whyte said, was walking up the famous staircase.

When the interior of Number 10 was rebuilt between 1732 and 1734, a stone triple staircase was created with a wrought iron balustrade embellished with a scroll design and mahogany handrail.

It rises from the garden floor to the third floor and is one of the first, and most famous, architectural features visitors see as they enter Number 10.

Mr Whyte also said seeing the famous paintings on the walls near the staircase was an incredible moment.

In the entrance black and white engravings and photographs of all the past Prime Ministers decorate the walls, and are rearranged slightly to make room for a new picture of the most recent former Prime Minister.

He added: “It was a great evening and a memory I will always cherish.”