Mums seek improved playpark

Ewelina Bronk-Myszk, left, and Silvia Fiddes with daughter Seileach Alba
Ewelina Bronk-Myszk, left, and Silvia Fiddes with daughter Seileach Alba

A group of young mothers have joined forces to raise money to give Lumphanan playpark a new look.

They have formed a committee and are pressing ahead with efforts to secure funding for the project, called Lumphanan Playpark Improvement.

The playpark at Lumphanan

The playpark at Lumphanan

Mum-of-one Ewelina Bronk-Myszk was behind the idea which has attracted support in the village.

She told the Piper: “We have been working hard, but there is still a lot to do.”

The mums want more play equipment in the council-owned park suitable for pre-school children.

Ewelina said: “It hasn’t anything suitable for toddlers or small children. For people who don’t drive like me, it’s sort of the only entertainment in the village.”

The committee has received help from Marr Area Partnership and Aberdeenshire Council in their quest for improved facilities and also support from local councillor Geva Blackett.

Ewelina explained: “We have looked at equipment suppliers and received four different proposals. We held an open meeting in February and did a presentation and also an exhibition at the school so that children could see what there is available.

“We are not able to give them all they want because that would be huge money, but if we could go for the cheapest option, around £35,000, that would still cover a lot.”

The group has already applied for a Marr area grant and will seek National Lottery funding and continue fundraising activities.

Committee chair Silvia Fiddes added: “It would be like a focal point for the community and we are also thinking of putting in picnic-style areas.”

Councillor Blackett said: “I support this drive to improve play facilities in Lumphanan for a number of reasons.

“No one knows better than residents what needs to be done to make a community a better place to live in and when people make an effort to improve their facilities, they should be supported.

“Playparks are places where families and friends can come together and safely enjoy being in the fresh air and in an area where we are trying to increase tourism, an updated play park would be another attraction for people coming to this village that historically has so much to offer.”