Bubbly Banchorian banishes bin bugs

Gillian Poskitt with her Bin Bath branded car.
Gillian Poskitt with her Bin Bath branded car.

It would be fair to say that cleaning bins wouldn’t be everyone’s first career choice - but for one Deeside mum, it’s exactly that.

Former nurse Gillian Poskitt has always han an entrepeneureal spirit and has had numerous light-hearted, fleeting conversations with friends and family about what her ‘thing’ could be. And it turns out, it’s cleaning wheelie bins!

After being made redundant from the oil industry, Gillian began to seriously consider what to do next. And after a self-confessed ‘lightbulb moment’, Bin Bath was born!

Gillian said: “I lived in London for many years and when I returned home to Deeside five years ago, I really missed the waste and recycling system - sad but true!

“A few years on and thankfully we do have recycling bins in Banchory where I live. However, after bringing in my bin after collection one day, I was literally hit by a less than fragrant aroma and it struck me that no one offers a bin cleaning service in the area. And that was it - why hadn’t I thought of this before?

“I invested in award-winning specialist self-contained equipment – I’ve called mine Betsy – which recycles the water. We use biodegradable, vegan, cruelty-free products and I transport these and Betsy, in my own economical and now very brightly branded car!

“I appreciate many people clean their own bins which is great – but often, they will use harsh chemicals which can enter our water systems via storm drains. We clean bins in a responsible manner so that at the end of the day the water is disposed of with consent to discharge from Scottish Water into the public sewage system – a process adhering to Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA).”

Gillian is the only female bin cleaning operator in Scotland and joins only a handful of other women in the United Kingdom as a whole, who work in the industry. Bin Bath is also the only company registered in the North-east of Scotland with the National Association of Wheeled Bin Washers.

For more information about Bin Bath, visit www.binbath.co.uk.