Litter pick success in Banchory

Volunteers ready for the litter pick
Volunteers ready for the litter pick

The annual Spring Clean Litter Pick has taken place in Banchory, organised by local voluntary group Bonnie Banchory.

This year 22 volunteers turned up at Hill of Banchory Primary School to take part in the litter pick across the town.

Margaret Paterson, of Bonnie Banchory, said: “We were delighted to see so many young families come along and help with the clean-up.

“The weather thankfully was dry in the afternoon and everybody worked hard over the two hours to pick up as much litter as they could.

“Overall, we collected 19 large black bags of rubbish. We’d like to thank all the volunteers who took part, Aberdeenshire Council for the litter pickers and black bin bags, and we’re very grateful to the team at Tesco who provided much needed refreshments and snacks after the event.”

The group is urging people to stop dropping litter and be aware of the impact it has on the environment.

Margaret added: “ We do this every year and this time we were shocked at the sheer number of takeaway containers, plastic sauce sachets and huge numbers of sweetie wrappers just carelessly tossed away.

“We want people to be mindful of the negative impact it leaves on our beautiful town and for them to think twice before they drop any litter.”