Mystery surrounds Braemar cairn

The cairn has now been fully restored
The cairn has now been fully restored

An unusual discovery has left golfers in Braemar reaching for the history books.

During improvements to one of the holes, a partly demolished cairn was found hidden among trees.

It was uncovered by the greenkeeper during work being carried out on the new 16th tee.

Golf club officials are now trying to find out more about the mystery landmark.

The cairn has been restored to its former glory by local man Michel Brat.

Braemar Golf Club captain John Kinsella told the Piper: “We really know very little about it.

“Eve Soulsby, who wrote the Braemar Golf Club centenary book did not know of its existence, but she found it recorded on a 1903 ordnance suryey map.

“It has been suggested that it could have been a ‘clan’ boundary marker.”

Trees leading up to the cairn have been cleared so it can be seen from a distance, even from the other side of the course.

Mr Kinsella added: “It would be interesting to see if we can find any further information about the cairn as it will become an iconic feature on the golf course.”