Staff slam Cults area litter louts

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Forestry Commission Scotland staff have slammed Aberdeenshire litter louts after clearing up a van load of rubbish at two local woodlands.

The Commission’s team is unhappy after having to spend a day collecting roadside litter from Countesswells and Foggieton woods rather than building paths and planting trees.

The woods, situated between Cults and Kingswells, are popular with dog walkers and locals.

CRT (Communities Recreation and tourism) Forester, Dan Cadle, said: “We should be out doing more important work that helps to maintain these woodlands and ensure that visitors get the best out of their visit.

“Instead our guys collected a truck load of rubbish from just a 2km stretch of Kirk Brae and Baillieswells roads in Aberdeen – all of it litter thrown out of people’s cars on the public roads.

“It is very inconsiderate and really disappointing to see people not respecting the countryside – or other people’s right to enjoy a litter-free environment.

“We would advise everyone to act responsibly and take your litter home or dispose of it appropriately. And it would be a great help of if anyone seeing litter being thrown from a car could report the vehicle’s registration to police Scotland, Aberdeen City Council’s Waste Management Team or call the Dumb Dumpers hotline on 0845 2304090.”

Anyone caught throwing items from a vehicle can be fined up to £2500.