Euro MP embarks on Deeside tour


SNP member of the European Parliament Ian Hudghton completed a tour of Deeside last Friday (August 8) visiting Braemar, Aboyne and Banchory.

The member, accompanied by his wife, trailed a caravan which acted as his mobile office for the dates.

Mr Hudghton, one of six members representing the Scotland region in Brussels, began the tour in Braemar by visiting St Margaret’s church.

The church has fallen into disrepair and had not seen a congregation since 1997.

It was bought from the Episcopalian Church by the Scottish Redundant Churches Trust (SRCT) for £1 in June with hopes of turning it into a cultural hub.

Tarland fiddler Paul Anderson played for the MEP and local residents who are involved in the project.

After looking around the historic building, the member headed to Aboyne, setting up shop at Station Square. He finished the day at Banchory’s Bellfield car park.

Speaking in Braemar, Mr Hudghton said: “My job with projects like this is to look into possible avenues of funding. It is hard at the moment due to the state of public finances in Europe, there is an ever increasing challenge in qualifying for European funding... I will do what I can, however much or little that may be.

“The EU is sometimes thought to be an interfering type of entity but it is key to many Scottish industries.”