Event on for boy with rare skin condition

Eddison Miller
Eddison Miller

A black tie auction is due to be held to raise funds for a boy with a medical condition that affects fewer than 1,000 people worldwide.

Two-year-old Eddison Miller has been diagnosed with Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) which means that be cannot be exposed to daylight or any form of Ultra Violet light as its affects cause aggressive cancers including skin cancer.

Now his Donside family have got together to form a charity that they hope will improve his quality of life and raise awareness of his condition.

The Teddington Trust has been set up to raise enough funds for Eddison, who lives in Kent, to live as normal a life as possible.

To protect Eddison from the damaging effects of UV, his daily routine requires the application of SPF 50+ sunblock three hourly and wearing full body, head and face cover when outside the safe environment of his home, which has already been adapted with UV proof film and safe lighting to meet his needs.

His aunt, Rebecca Stewart of Cushnie told the Piper: “ (The condition) receives less attention because it is so rare. St. Thomas’ hospital in London is the only place inn the UK that has any specialist knowledge of XP.

“Eddison has a long road ahead of him and we just want his life to be as normal as possible. We have raised about £20,000 since May and our target is around £29,000 which is why we hope the suction is a big success!”

Funds raised will go toward building an indoor garden for the boy so he can play.

The event planned is a strictly black tie affair and is on Friday June 21 at the Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen where there will be a dinner, dance and auction, with music provided by a ten piece Royal Marine Band.

Tickets are £85 per head or £850 for a table of ten. For more information or to book tickets contact Rebecca on: 01339 833838 or 07795663589.