Events help 1st Alford Guides celebrate their centenary

The 1st Alford Guides - the first Guide unit in Aberdeenshire - were joined by leaders past and present to celebrate their centenary this week.

The current Guides and Rangers started the event off with a sleepover in Howe Trinity Church Hall on Friday night and were joined by former Guide leaders on the Saturday afternoon taking part in various activities, finishing off with a camp fire.

At the event, four of the newest Guides, Lucy Leiper, Katie Murray, Katie Taylor and Iona Scott (pictured above with their certificates) made their promise.

The Guide unit (originally called 1st Aberdeenshire Guides) was formed on February 1 1912 and was set up by Mrs McLean, with the Guides meeting in the Guide Hall, which later became the WRI hall.

In 1910, before the Guides were officially registered, Miss Marjorie McLean formed a patrol of ‘Girl Scouts’ at Breda, Alford, where it is reported the girls wore grey jerseys, large brimmed khaki hats and long skirts.