Exhibition celebrates ‘father of computer science’

Alan Turing
Alan Turing
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RGU is hosting an exhibition of art to celebrate the centenary of Alan Turing, the father of computer science.

2012 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alan Turing, 1912-1954, one of the greatest minds Britain has ever produced.

Turing’s achievements go far beyond computer science and his invention of the digital computer. His accomplishment in helping the British to decode the German Enigma machine ultimately helped win World War II, and his role in founding the science of Artificial Intelligence has contributed to monumental advances in technology that have shaped the world as we know it today.

His work on morphogenesis (the biological processes that cause organisms to grow in particular shapes) and the now famous “Turing Test” for machine intelligence have captured the imagination of artists for decades whilst his technological developments have given them the tools to create new kinds of artworks.

This exhibition titled ‘Intuition and Ingenuity’, which is part of the British Science Festival in Aberdeen, takes its name from Turing’s own writing on the subject of mathematical reasoning and brings together a number of important artists from digital art pioneers to emerging contemporaries such as Anna Dumitriu to investigate Turing’s enduring influence on art and contemporary culture.

“This exhibition breaks down the artificial barriers between science and the arts”, says Jane Kidd, curator of the RGU Arts and Heritage Collections. “RGU is at the forefront of Computing research today with the School of Computing, and at the cutting edge of art, with Gray’s School of Art, so it’s great that we can bring both together in this exciting show to mark RGU’s participation in the British Science Festival.”

The exhibition is on at the Georgina Scott Sutherland Library, Robert Gordon University, Garthdee Campus, Aberdeen, from September 5 to Oct 12.

For more information, contact Jane Kidd on 01224 263474 or via email: j.kidd@rgu.ac.u