Extravaganza raises £9k for local groups

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The organisers of Ballater Victoria Week 2014 are delighted to announce the total raised over the course of the nine-day extravaganza.

This year’s event, which ran from August 8-16, has raised at least £9000, which will be divided between local charities and organisations.

Basic profits were calculated at £4,600, and once duck race ticket profits already distributed to local worthy causes (£1,500) and boosts to other Deeside based groups such as Crathie Opportunity Holidays (£1,200) CLAN (£700+), and Ballater Angling Association (£900) were added in, the funds came to a grand total of almost £1,000 raised for every day the event ran.

Further beneficiaries from the cash will be announced at the BVW AGM on Thursday November 20.

Local groups and charities are invited to apply for a slice of the total amount raised.

Any charities or groups who would like to be considered for a share of the profits should get in touch with the organising committee by emailing info@ballatervictoriaweek.co.uk or via Facebook by October 8 2014.

Co-ordinator Adrian Scripps said: “We could not be more chuffed that this year’s BVW raised even more money than last, especially considering the awful weather thrown at the village during the week.

“Community and business engagement with the events were also increased this year, to the benefit of all involved. Even the fire station’s fabulous scarecrow Minions were auctioned off for charity afterwards.

“Thank you to everyone who helped out, from buying a map to sponsoring a hall event. See you all again next year, or sooner, if you want to get involved!”