Fair deal going on at Alford Primary

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AN Alford Primary group is furthering links with their partner schools in Alaska and Bangladesh.  

The Citizens of the Globe Group (COG) also encompasses the school’s Eco Group, the Fair Trade Group and the Junior Road Safety Officers.  The school is working towards gaining an Eco Green Flag award and also Fair Trade status. The picture shows pupils from COGG with, Liam Yon, an Alford Academy student who is helping the pupils with their art work, Tara Crooke, Chair of Alford Primary Parent Council, Flora Caron, a representative of the local church Fair Trade group and Alistair MacLean, an Academy teacher. The group are going to paint the Fair Trade Logo on to different parts of the Skate Park.  This should have a double bonus of tidying up any unwanted graffiti  and also publicise Fair Trade Fortnight which is from the February 28 to March 12. Pupils are going to decorate bunting to help the Fairtrade Foundation try to beat the world record for the longest line of handmade bunting.  The bunting is made out of Fairtrade cotton and they’re going to put a Fairtrade message on each flag. On March 5 the Howe Trinity Church in Alford is having a bunting party and people can come along and decorate the bunting. They’re going to have Fairtrade tea/coffee and cakes with Fairtrade ingredients.

 All welcome.