Farming Funday

Banchory Heritage Society and Friends of Banchory Museum are pleased to welcome Hector Riddell as their guest at Banchory’s Farming Funday.

The Library, Museum and Visit Scotland Desk are joining together this Friday (19th October) to hold a Farm Funday. There will be activities for all ages, from Doric storytime, to all kinds of farm-related activities and crafts.

The event starts at 10am and finishes around 1pm. There will also be displays of farming and farmhouse equipment and old photos of farming work in progress.

Farming has been a major occupation in our part of the Dee valley for centuries and the Funday is a great opportunity for youngsters and adults to find out more about both the work and the workers.

The working hours were long, and for the farm workers and farm servants, music was a good way to relax, traditional instruments such as the fiddle, accordion, tin whistle, concertina were as popular as singing and many bothy ballads were used as a commentary on the workers lives and conditions. There will be some musical instruments at the Funday for anyone to have a go.

Well-known local, Bothy Ballad singer and special guest, Hector Riddell will be on hand to sing some ballads and also to answer any questions on farming in the North-east.

Hector has had a life-time’s experience of farming from the days of genuine horsepower with teams of Clydesdale horses through to the tractors and combine harvesters that provide the power for modern farmers.

As well as his background in farming, Hector has also been voted a two-times winner of the Bothy Ballad King of Scotland title and is a very welcome guest at many traditional music festivals.

Organisers are hoping that some of our local retired Farmers or farmer’s wives will go along and share some of their memories.

People of all ages are invited to attend.