Feeling squeezed

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A Deeside butcher has shut up shop in the same week another local butchers quashed rumours it is to close.

G&D Sinclair butcher, in The Square, Torphins, suddenly closed its doors to customers last week and the owner did not wish to comment to the Piper on its closure.

However a spokesman for Laidlaw Butchers in Banchory, has denied it is following suit, despite rumours circulating in the town to the contrary.

One Sinclair’s customer, Mrs Smith, of Lumphanan, contacted the Piper this week, saying: “I am upset to hear that Torphins butchers is closing. I have used this butchers many times and found out they are closing due to people not using them for shopping.

“What usually happens after these small shops are closed, the locals complain because they have nowhere to get things. This is a great concern that all these big supermarkets are once again pushing out our local grocers and butchers. I find that butchers have better quality meats. We need to make a change to stop this happening.”

Small local businesses – including butchers – are currently battling rising business rates, competition from out-of-town supermarkets and wholesalers, the hike in fuel prices, the economic climate and the bad winter.

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