Flap over rare bird spotted in Banchory

On Monday 25 March, Banchory resident Tom Gray spotted an unusual looking bird in his garden before grabbing his camera and taking a few shots before it flew away.

Wednesday, 3rd April 2013, 12:21 pm

Mr Gray then passed the photographs onto his friend - a keen bird watcher - who came back to him incredibly excited and identified it as a Black Throated Thrush, normally resident in Siberia.

This sighting by Mr Gray appears to have been only the third recorded sighting on Mainland Scotland - with the last sighting more than 23 years ago in Prestonpans on Christmas Day 1989.

Mr Gray said the bird has been around the Banchory area all week and has been spotted in gardens around the Hill of Banchory and Tillybrake areas.

He added: ”The birding community has been very excited about this find and there have been quite a number of enthusiasts around trying to spot it.”

On the birdguides.com website it states the rarity of the Black Throated Thrush as rare and there have been seven sightings recorded on the site in Banchory over the last week of March.

The Black-throated Thrush (Turdus atrogularis) is a passerine bird in the thrush family.

The Black-throated Thrush is a migratory Asian species that breed along the edges of clearings in coniferous or mixed deciduous forest, often in the undergrowth of Siberian Pine Pinus sibirica or mixed spruce fir forest, especially along watercourses or in swampy areas.