Flush with loo success

Aberdeenshire Council is flushed with success after winning the UK trophy for public toilets at the annual Loo of the Year awards. It was one of a number of awards picked up by the council at a ceremony in Solihull on Friday, December 7.

Aberdeenshire Council also received the Scotland award for its public toilets, and earned a place in the Champions League for Standards of Excellence, awarded to organisations with ten or more entries with five or more five-star awards.

Aberdeenshire Council came third in the local authority public toilets ‘Premier League’ and earned further listings in the Loo of the Year 100+ Points Club and 50% Club.

Since their creation in 1987, the annual Loo of the Year Awards have identified the best public toilets throughout the United Kingdom.

Councillor Peter Argyle, chairman of the Infrastructure Services Committee, said: “I’m delighted that the high standard of Aberdeenshire’s toilet facilities has once again been recognised at these national awards. To have been voted best in the UK for our public toilets is a positive achievement for Aberdeenshire and a tribute to the hard work of the staff who maintain them.”

The Loo of the Year Awards aims to encourage the highest possible standards in all types of public toilets.

Every contender received an unannounced visit from a Loo of the Year awards inspector and was assessed against a wide range of criteria – ranging from signage and decor, fixtures and fittings to overall standards of cleanliness and management.

Entries gaining three, four or five stars are presented with a grading certificate to help them promote their facilities to customers and staff.