Food bank helping the hungry in affluent Deeside


Deeside is not usually the sort of area associated with hunger- it boasts top schools and some of Scotland’s highest house prices.

A food bank was established in Banchory in June to feed the area’s hungry.

While not a huge problem there has been a steady stream of users since its establishment, matching UK-wide trends for the increase in use of food bank services.

Based in Banchory West Church, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 1 – 3 pm, over sixty volunteers have come forward to help with the project.

Don Morrison of the food bank project said: “One of the first to come to collect a food parcel was a young woman who hadn’t eaten for three days. A family came for help: a significant rent rise took the weekly food money and they needed help to tide them over.

“Unexpected redundancy; family illness; bereavement; family break-ups... one such crisis can plunge folk into a situation of severe deprivation...”

Banchory and Mid-Deeside Councillor Linda Clark has urged people in need to come forward and use the service and not be put off by any “stigma” attached: “There are a wide mix using this service, certainly not just people on benefits, In my time as an elected member I have seen people struggling to make difficult choices from all walks of life... it’s better to be proactive rather than reactive...”