Food waste collection service starts on Deeside


A food waste recycling service will start on Deeside next week as part of new arrangements for recycling and waste across Aberdeenshire.

Food waste containers and an information booklet are being delivered to homes now.

The new service is being introduced as part of changes to the way recycling and waste are dealt with throughout the area.

Food waste is placed in a kitchen caddy that is used with free liners, making it clean and easy to use and store. It is then transferred to a green outdoor caddy for collection at the kerbside.

All cooked and uncooked food waste, including bones, will be collected weekly. Recycling and waste will be collected on alternate weeks.

Residents in nearly 12,000 households in the Banchory, Torphins, Midmar, Aboyne, Tarland, Ballater and Braemar areas will now have their food waste recycling collected.

Those receiving the new service should already have received letters advising of the start date.

An information booklet will be delivered with the food waste caddies giving details of what can go in them.

The changes are designed both to help the council meet the Scottish Government’s Zero Waste targets by increasing the range of materials collected at the kerbside and making it easy for householders to use, raising the recycling rate .

The Kincardine and Mearns area will be the next and final area to receive the new service, in March 2015.

Info on recycling and waste is available by calling Wasteline on 0845 6003900