Forest fire warning issued by Cairngroms Authority

Firefighters tackle a blaze
Firefighters tackle a blaze
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The Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA) has warned visitors to the area that there is a high risk of forest fires and asked them to ‘tread lightly’.

The ‘Tread Lightly’ campaign focuses on five key areas of responsible outdoor access covering camping and litter, outdoor cooking, toilets, fires, and dogs but with prolonged dry spells and breezy conditions, it’s the issue of lighting fires that is of concern at the moment.

Fran Pothecary, the CNPA’s Outdoor Access Officer said: “The message is quite simple really – never light a fire during long dry spells of weather in any location but especially not in woodland or on peaty soil. We want people to enjoy the Cairngorms National Park and have a great holiday but not at the expense of our wildlife and the important habitats that support them. We all remember the fires that affected the west coast around Easter time,”

The CNPA are also advising the use of a stove rather than open fires, not to cut down trees or use deadwood for a fire and critically to report any fires as soon as they are noticed.Duncan Macdonald, Highland Council Countryside Ranger said: “Rangers are out and about every day keeping a close eye on weather and ground conditions. Many visitors to the countryside love a fire as part of their outdoor experience but in this continuing dry weather, we are asking people not to light them apart from where permitted in designated areas and official campsites.”