Free mediation service open to local residents

A free mediation service offered by Aberdeenshire Council, in conjunction with an independent charity, is designed to help residents resolve disagreements peacefully and informally.

The Aberdeenshire Community Mediation Service can help local people to resolve problems between neighbours and other groups, relating to a wide range of issues including noise, parking, rubbish, pets, fences and damage to property.

Noise problems are the biggest cause for neighbour complaints which are referred for mediation in Aberdeenshire, followed by antisocial behaviour and property disputes. The mediation service, established in 2004, is managed by community justice charity Sacro and funded by Aberdeenshire Council’s housing service and the Aberdeenshire Community Safety Partnership.

During 2011/12 the service success rate increased to 88% of all cases which used mediation ending in agreement.

Residents can refer themselves to the service by phoning 01224 560570, or by writing to the Aberdeenshire Community Mediation Service, 110 Crown Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6HJ. For more information on the service visit:

Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Social Work & Housing Committee, Cllr Karen Clark, said: “Mediation is a useful way for neighbours or other groups to have arguments resolved peacefully and without having to resort to more formal measures. The mediation service has a high success rate and I would encourage anybody who feels that they need help to resolve a disagreement to get in touch for some free advice and support.”