Free recycling boxes

Residents in Deeside and Donside can claim free black and blue recycling boxes to help them recycle more as rules on waste collection start to be implemented.

Free blue-lidded paper bins are also available for rural residents.

Aberdeenshire Council is encouraging people to recycle more to help achieve higher recycling rates as well as budget savings.

With the Scottish Government setting a recycling target of 70% by 2025, and the area achieving 33% in 2010-11, there is a long way to go.

From September 5, the council will limit householders to one wheeled-bin each fortnight, with no excess waste (waste outside the bin) being collected.

Extra recycling boxes can help residents reduce the volume of waste in their bins so they are available free of charge from collection crews or by calling WasteLine on 0845 600 3 900.

This policy for the correct use of household wheeled bins, (one bin per household, no excess waste) has been in place for a number of years, but will now be more firmly enforced, to encourage recycling.

Previously, excess waste may have been picked up by collection crews and many households are also known to have purchased extra bins.

It is known that many of these bins still contain a lot of recyclable materials which recycling containers and facilities are provided for.

By applying the policy, it is hoped persistent non-recyclers will be encouraged to recycle and compost more to fit all of their waste into one 240-litre bin.

Both extra, unauthorised bins and excess waste have similar cost implications for the council and by reducing the amount of garden waste and recyclable material currently placed in residual bins, the council expects to save £1million to 2013.

The move means a fairer deal for the majority of householders who dispose of waste responsibly by separating out materials for recycling and only presenting one wheeled-bin of refuse each fortnight.

Dumping waste into landfill is more expensive than recycling, is a waste of resources and leads to environmental damage.

August 1 marked the start of an awareness raising period during August, when staff will collect excess waste and empty unauthorised second bins.

Information will be attached to individual bins which either have excess waste presented with them or which staff believe are unauthorised extra bins, to remind householders that these will not be collected after September 5.

Householders may take their waste to a household waste recycling centre instead.

Those who continue to flout the council’s policy will be visited by waste officers, who will give advice and assess requests for extra capacity.

Enforcement action under the Environmental Protection Act will be a last resort, but will be available to deal with persistent offenders.

There are occasions when extra bins are permitted and will be picked up, such as where a family has lots of nappy waste or where there is a medical need, and this is assessed on an individual basis.

Those householders who are struggling to fit all their waste into one bin should call WasteLine on 0845 600 3 900 to arrange an assessment.

Chairman of Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee (ISC) Peter Argyle, said: “Most households can manage with one bin per fortnight if they are recycling as much of their waste as possible.

“We’re providing extra free recycling containers to make it easier for people to recycle more.

Blue and black recycling boxes are available for urban householders served by the kerbside recycling scheme and extra blue bins are available for rural householders.”