Fresh appeal to find new school crossing patroller in Westhill

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A Donside primary school is making an urgent appeal for someone to fill the post of school crossing patroller as the vacancy passes the two-year mark.

Parents at Crombie Primary near Westhill have volunteered to act as temporary patrollers after the relief patroller left in November.

Staff at the school are appealing for someone to come forward and fill the roll of school crossing patroller, an important job to ensure pupils’ safety as they walk to and from the primary school.

The post of permanent lollipop person at Crombie Primary has been advertised for more than two years.

A relief patroller had been working at the school but left in November, leaving the school desperate for someone to step in and fill the post.

Crombie Primary head teacher Scott Calder said: “Some parents have very kindly volunteered to help along with our janitor, but this is not a realistic long-term option.

“Many children walk to school and the patroller was a friendly face on their way, who ensured that the pupils kept safe as they crossed the busy road.

“During the winter in particular it can still be dark in the mornings and at home time. We’re hoping that someone in the community would find this a worthwhile job where they are making a real difference to the children in the community.”

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There are currently four school crossing patroller posts being advertised – at Ellon, Newtonhill, Laurencekirk and Crombie, and two relief posts in Inverurie and Banff.

Anybody interested in a school patroller position should contact the Support Services Coordinator in their local academy for some more information.