Future of adult services debated

Project Manager of IDEA: Val Milne
Project Manager of IDEA: Val Milne

Local organisations and community groups met in Crathes Hall to debate the future of adult day services in Deeside and Donside.

This comes as part of a Council-lead initiative that will see services moved from Council-owned buildings directly into local communities.

The groups included representatives from NHS Scotland, local charities and care-support groups.

Services currently provided by the Council in Marr area are exclusively based in Council-owned buildings such as Aboyne’s Bonty Court, Banchory’s Dalvenie Gardens Resource Centre and Alford Community Centre.

The council currently provides a range of services within these buildings including classes in art, IT, French and gardening at Bonty Court alone.

Val Milne, project manager of IDEA, the group that set up the consultation process, said: “We’ve got some great day services here in Aberdeenshire but we want to move towards more inclusive service provision.”

“What we’re doing is about getting different points of view and giving different groups the chance to work out solutions together. The ultimate objective is to provide inclusive services across the community, and I think if we all pull our resources we can meet the needs of the community for a long time to come.”

She was however disappointed at the lack of private sector interest shown in the event: “We’d welcome more input from the private sector, this is a whole community initiative and we’d like the whole community to have a say.”

No private sector representatives were at the event.

Cllr Karen Clark, Chair of Social Work and Housing said: “Starting at the grass roots with those who use our services and connecting with a network of voluntary and community groups, local businesses and organisations, this process has been an innovative way of engaging with people to explore a range of opportunities for adults with disabilities.

The council has been holding similar workshops across the Shire and I fully support what has been a fresh approach to encouraging a cross-section of people at a local level - our service users, their family carers and our community partners to shape what would work best.”