Gaga-d in Banchory!

A BANCHORY landlord was left gaga-d after a call on the 'Telephone'.

Wednesday, 23rd June 2010, 11:43 am

The Stag Hotel's Jim Rooney was taken by surprise when he received a mysterious phone call from Lady Gaga's manager.

Gaga's representative claimed the international super-star would be stopping in for a drink on her way to Balmoral Castle.

However, after rushing away from his golfing on Saturday and hurrying back to the pub, Jim was lost for words when he realised he'd been Gaga-d.

Instead of the flamboyant American singer, he was met with ten flamboyant ladies on a themed weekend away.

The ten women from Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, were on their way to a weekend at Mar Lodge when they stopped in Banchory, and kept locals entertained by their costumes.

One of the Gagas, Diane Johnston, from Stonehaven explained: "It was really quite funny, as when our friend's partner phoned the Stag, they even tried to offer us an Italian meal, but he said Gaga would be fine with a drink and cheese and onion crisps."

Diane continued: "After we had some drinks in the Stag, we went a wander round Banchory. When we went into WH Smith everyone was gobsmacked. Then a woman from Thailand stopped us in the street and asked to take a picture of what people from Banchory dressed like which was quite entertaining!

"It was good fun, and Jim took it in good spirits. We'll be back with another theme next year."