Games are on in Aboyne!

Dancers show off their medals at last year's Highland Dancing competition This is just one of many traditional events at the Aboyne Games.
Dancers show off their medals at last year's Highland Dancing competition This is just one of many traditional events at the Aboyne Games.

The time has come round again for the historic Aboyne Green to be transformed into an arena of entertainment.

From the Friday evening family social and dance - entertainment will be in the capable hands of the six piece “Burlesque”, playing music from the 70s, 80s And 90s - through the traditional games to the Saturday night marqee on August 4, fun is guaranteed for all ages.

Aboyne Games offers the perfect mix of traditional and modern. The tradition of the Games within the arena, the noise and bustle of the modern fairground and the ever popular trade stand area. Meals, snacks and drinks will be available at a variety of outlets during the day.

Aboyne Games prides itself in offering the spectacle of more arena events than any other. Over ninety competitions will take place throughout the day. From 10.30 a.m. the village will reverberate to the sound of marching pipe bands heralding the start of sporting battle. In the morning, spectators can enjoy local, junior and under 25 events. They are no less exiting than the open events, and well worth coming along early to cheer on some “kent faces”.

High noon sees the raising of the Chieftan’s Banner and the entry of our Chieftan, the Marquis of Huntly. This historic and colourful event will be accompanied by marching pipe bands. This will stir the blood of every self-respecting Scot, but if you’re not a Scot you are invited to become one for the day. Beware, you may never want to change back!

The afternoon features a full programme of open events. Piping, Dancing, Heavy and Light competition mean that something will be happening in the arena at all times. Also, worth a visit is the Fiddle competition taing place in the Masonic Hall adjacent to the Green.The brainchild of local virtuoso Paul Anderson, this event is growing in stature year on year.

Announcers Robbie Shepherd and Robert Lovie will make sure that everyone knows what’s going on.

Whether you’re a Gordon, Farquharson, Irvine or Forbes or any other Clan from home or abroad, be sure to drop in to the Clan and Overseas tents. Introduce yourself and you will be made most welcome, possibly meet the Clan chief and check your history.

Also in the Overseas tent the greatest ever local athlete will be remembered. This is the 175th anniversary of the birth of Donald Dinnie, hailed as the 19th century,s “Greatest Athlete in the World”. Make a point of visiting this exhibition, be amazed at his achievements and touch the famous “Dinnie Stanes”.

The week-end will finish with the Marquee dance. Boogie to the dulcet tones of Rossco, “the man who taught Tony Blackburn everything he knew”. But remember: no under 16’s will be allowed entry and i.d will be required, passport or youngscot card only.

Admission to the field: adult £8; 5-15 £2; under 5 free. parking and seating free.