GDP will continue to rise say SNP


As Scotland’s economy continues to grow with a 1% increase in GDP the SNP has highlighted how an independent Scotland could further boost growth and create jobs.

The Outlook for Scotland’s Public Finances published earlier this year found that by increasing productivity in Scotland’s economy by just 0.3 per cent and boosting the employment rate by 3.3 per cent could increase Scottish tax revenues by £5 billion a year by 2029/30.

Newly published employment statistics showed that over the last year alone, Scotland’s employment rate increased by 1.4 per cent.

Meanwhile plans for a revolution in childcare that the SNP Scottish Government has outlined, could create up to 35,000 jobs, while also saving families up to £4,600 per child by providing 1,140 hours of childcare to all children from one to school age.

Scotland’s Future a.k.a, the White Paper claims that cutting corporation tax by up to three per cent could increase the level of output by 1.4 per cent, boost overall employment by 1.1 per cent and raise overall investment in Scotland by 1.9 per cent over the long term.

SNP MSP for Aberdeenshire West Dennis Robertson said: “The latest growth figures for Scotland showing that our economy grew faster than the UK in the first quarter of the year are extremely positive and show that Scotland clearly has what it takes to be independent.

“But our ambitions are for Scotland to go even further.

“With a Yes vote and responsibility for our own tax and spending decisions, we have the opportunity to create tens of thousands of jobs and significantly boost our economy.

“By sparking a revolution in the delivery of childcare, we can not only unlock economic opportunities for parents who do not currently work, but also create up to 35,000 new jobs while saving families up to £4,600 per child.

“A Yes vote in September will give us the tools we need to boost our economy as never before.”