Genealogy exhibition looks back in Alford


The Alford Genealogy Group took a look back in time at their exhibition held in the town’s Railway Museum last month.

Alford Genealogy Group is a small body which started in 2011 to discuss genealogical topics.

In 2013, the Group felt they needed a longer term project and decided to use their interest to research the origin of the village and its early years.

This exhibition on Saturday, August 23, focused on some of the elements of their findings which have so far been uncovered.

Over the months, members of the group have gathered information from census records, birth, marriage and death records and used the resources of the Aberdeen and North East Scotland Family History Society.

Online resources such as Scotland’s People and Ancestry were also used to find out as much as could be found about the people of Alford from 1850 onwards.

Trips to the local graveyards also gave valuable information. The main interest was more about the people who were involved in the railway, the changes that came to Alford and the types of occupations that came about once the railway line to Aberdeen via Kemnay and Kintore was in place.

At the exhibition information about the railway route and the people who made it happen was displayed around the room at the museum, causing much interest from the visitors who came along.

A steady stream of visitors attended throughout the day. One long term resident of Alford, James Gordon, remembered going to school in Kemnay by train. Memories like his brought the exhibition to life.

A representative from the ANESFHS turned up with a display of publications and was able to give advice to members of the public who were keen to research their own family trees.

A spokesperson said: ‘‘The venue at the Railway Museum was ideal and the little train chugging away added to the atmosphere

‘‘The group meets at Alford Library once a month, on every second Saturday, and anyone is welcome to join the group to either discuss genealogy or help us with our projects. Come along about 10.30 and join in with this informal group.’’