Glaswegian balloon floats all the way to Dinnet


A farm manager who discovered a messaged balloon on a Cairngorms estate has donated a finder’s reward back to the charity which launched it.

Douglas Houston of Dinnet and Kinord Estates discovered the intact red balloon wedged between a fence and dyke after it had been released by Deafblind Scotland back in June.

The farmer was alerted to the inflatable by its bright colour and immediately contacted the charity, which supports those who have lost both their sight and hearing.

Hundreds of red balloons were launched in Lenzie, near Glasgow, with attached messages asking finders to get in touch. The finder of the furthest travelled balloon was to be rewarded for their find with a cheque for £25.

Douglas said: “I found the balloon wedged in between a dyke and an electric fence on the farm near Dinnet. The red colour caught my eye. Amazingly, the balloon was still intact but burst when I lifted it out.”

Deafblind Scotland posted a cheque to Douglas in the summer after he got in touch. And after a busy few months on the farm, Douglas recently contacted the charity to let it know he would be donating back his reward.

Drena O’Malley, Deafblind Scotland initiatives officer said: “We are amazed the balloon travelled as far as the Cairngorms and it is really surprising it had not even burst...”